Vision &

We align ourselves with stakeholders, shareholders, and management groups to support meaningful change. We bring ideas and help make others’ ideas work.

Combine-X concentrates in intellectual property, technology, media, commodities, and sustainability. Our approach is unique and based in proprietary processes refined and proven over the last 35 years.

Unique Process

Combine-X uses a proprietary process and practical testing to analyze unique market opportunities. If our team can build a useful, beneficial, and profitable innovation or invention, we develop strategies to bring about the change we envision. We then organize a new company or partner with others to provide the solution set, monetize the idea, and monitor the impact.

If we can’t add alpha, we don’t do it.

About the Founder

Ray Garman

With an activist approach to changing the way businesses and industries operate, Garman aligns with intentional, subject-matter experts to transform businesses and industries using strategies centered in innovation and invention.

Garman believes in dividends and yield, fair exchange, and activist investing to create social impact, stable cash-flow, and multi-generational safety.

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